Hey everyone, I wanted to let you know about a new, wonderful experience – Segways tours are here in Arlington, Texas.

Segways rides are an incredible experience. Imagine riding a bicycle, except the two wheels are side-by-side, and instead of sitting down, you are standing up. Segways have a computer with five gyroscopes, making over 100 corrections a second (yes, I said a second!) to be sure you stay upright. Training before every ride helps you to understand all that is needed to ride like a pro! A little push on the handle bars and you go forward. A little pressure on your heels, and you slow down or stop. Pulling the handle bars to the left or right steers your Segway that direction. You start off at a slow speed until you get comfortable with the Segway, then off you go at a slightly faster speed that you control (up to12 MPH max).

There are two tours now with more on the way. Both tours start out with quick but thorough training at the Arlington Convention and Visitor Welcome Center (VWC) at 1905 E. Randol Mill road, next door to the Globe Life Park:

  • Tour #1- The tour starts at the VWC, then goes over the parking lot bridge and heads to Globe Life Park and the Arlington Convention Center. The tour continues around the Mark Holtz Lake to Richard Greene Linear Park and includes the Caelum Moor sculptures; under more bridges to and through Robert Cluck Linear Park, you see beautiful outdoor trails and wooded areas along Johnson Creek where ducks and turtles are frequently found. You have a great view of AT&T Stadium – home of our Cowboys! The tour goes all the way out to Division Street and back through more secluded woods, under several bridges and next to the ballpark again. So much fun, and now you’ve become an expert on these two-wheel wonders. Don’t forget to wave at the people in cars who are in total awe and amazement when they see you go by! Don’t worry about the smile on your face, it will wear off in a few days – maybe.
  • Tour #2 - Just received its green light confirmation. It starts at the VWC, then heads inside the massive walls of the Globe Life Park – yes, the home of your Texas Rangers! You will be able to ride the long, wide ramps all the way to the top of the park, along the corridors, and underground into the batting cages. The ride continues so that you can get a selfie next to one of the most famous Rangers – Nolan Ryan (well, next to his statue!). You may get very, very close to the field itself. It will be an unbelievable experience that you’ll only find here in Arlington, Texas.

Helmets are provided and mandated. Age 14 and up to….well, much older than this 55 year old! Both tours include a tour guide who is a wealth of interesting tourism information about this great city. Just try wiping that smile off your face immediately after the ride – you can’t do it!

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