Free Concert: Las Fenix with Ceci Ceci

  • Address:
  • 100 W Abram St., Arlington, TX 76010
  • Phone:
  • (817) 543-4308
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  • Presented By: Levitt Pavilion Arlington
  • Dates: May 18, 2024
  • Categories: Food, Live Music, Free
  • Time: 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM
  • Price: FREE



7:30 PM: Ceci Ceci

8:30 PM: Las Fenix

Las Fenix

Singers, musicians, and songwriters, Las Fenix 5 sisters from Houston, Tx were born for the music world and spotlight. Their career has taken off since their first official single “Que No Se Pare La Fiesta” under Disa Universal. Las Fenix later released an original song, “Esta Vez No” independently which defined the style Las Fenix wanted to portray to the world and official music video now has 9 million views. In 2017 they released “Ubicate” that would further emphasize their “Norteño Agresivo” music style. In between their Norteño singles Las Fenix have also released a Pop/Rock LIVE Album that has gained a completely different audience, spreading their music to countries like Brazil, Chile, Mexico and so on! June 25th they will be releasing their next big single a “Diganle” a heartbreak song we can guarantee you’re going to want to listen to.

Ceci Ceci

Ceci Callejas, better known as Ceci Ceci, is a talented singer-songwriter and guitarist with a Nicaraguan-Ecuadorian background currently based in Dallas, Texas. Her music is a unique blend of genres that reflects her multicultural upbringing and diverse influences, including icons like Julieta Venegas, Jorge Drexler, and Stevie Wonder.

With a modern take on Son Cubano, reggae and ska, Ceci Ceci’s music is a fresh and dynamic addition to the Latin indie scene. Her lyrics are a personal reflection of her life experiences, including her journey as a migrant, her Nicaraguan hometown, and her cultural identity. As noted in a Dallas Observer article, “Her words will soon touch on her queer identity,” adding another dimension to her already powerful storytelling.

Ceci Ceci is a multi-faceted artist with a passion for composing and performing music that speaks to the soul. She’s excited to share her unique sound with the world as a Latin indie queer artist, and her music is sure to captivate audiences everywhere.