Grady Spencer

  • Address: 100 W Abram St. Arlington, TX 76010
  • Category: Live Music
  • Dates: September 29, 2017 to September 29, 2017
  • Times: 20:00:00
  • Venue: Levitt Pavilion Arlington
  • Location: Levitt Pavilion Arlington

Old-time blues meets classic country
Grady Spencer and The Work is a blue collar band making blue collar music for a blue collar world. Grady formed The Work in Fort Worth, after he met and befriended guitarist, Trevor Powell, and drummer, Blake Sager, under the marble angels of Bass Hall. After an absence of a steady bassist became an issue, Grady took to the dank underbelly of the Craigslist musician forums. It was there he found seasoned veteran, Steve Moore, lurking in the shadows, vintage bass in hand. Together, they meld the grit of old-time blues with the blood-red soil of classic country to forge a well-worn hammer of modern music. Their high-energy shows keep people thirsty, rowdy and always ready for more. They criss-cross the south in their trusty Econovan (Jean-Claude Van Dam) and perform shows described as “unmissable” by more than one late night drinker, and those people know everything about everything.

Levitt Pavilion Arlington
  • 100 W Abram St.
  • Arlington, TX 76010