Humming House

  • Address: 100 W Abram St. Arlington, TX 76010
  • Category: Live Music
  • Dates: October 13, 2017 to October 13, 2017
  • Times: 20:00:00
  • Venue: Levitt Pavilion Arlington
  • Location: Levitt Pavilion Arlington

Party-worthy Americana with a dash of Irish flair
Turning on the radio, computer or television can seem like a gamble — a deluge of anxieties seem to greet us at every turn. In the face of this 21st century tumult, Humming House is on a quest. They do not want to wish away the pain and fear all too real in our lives, but to put those elements in conversation with the elements that sustain us: hope, partnership, even joy. It’s an appropriate quest for a band that has built itself on complex musicianship and careful collaboration. They know the value of hard work and compromise. Their music is evidence of the thrill of creativity. Humming House is Justin Wade Tam, Bobby Chase, Joshua Wolak and Benjamin Jones. The band formed from jam sessions that Justin held in his living room in east Nashville — evidence that some of the best projects come from spontaneous collaboration, then seeing it through. Three albums and six years later, Humming House continues to embody what is best about the Nashville each transplant chooses to call home. What Humming House does so well is paint sonic landscapes that are at once compelling and honest, even in the most rollicking of songs. Companion, their latest recording set to be released in October just before their Levitt appearance, continues to pursue that which transforms. Humming House maintains the sense of intimacy that comes from making music with friends together in the same room. It is fun combined with substance. With Justin’s sincerity, Benjamin’s groove, and Bobby’s and Joshua’s charm, their live shows extend an invitation to participate.

Levitt Pavilion Arlington
  • 100 W Abram St.
  • Arlington, TX 76010