The World Awaits Conference


Join us, Black Women’s Wall Street, Inc., as we prepare for our first-ever conference in celebration of our FIVE YEARS of being incorporated! We want to celebrate with you and we want to POUR into YOU in a way that will serve EVERYTHING THAT YOU ARE and IN EVERY WAY YOU ARE needed by so many people around you. We recognize the call on your life is great and there’s much work to be done but YOU must take time to HONOR yourself, HEAL your brokenness and HELP yourself first before securing the mask of others.

Last year, Black Women’s Wall Street took flight and this year, we are soaring higher heights and reaching new levels by breaking past the self-sabotage, mental and emotional bondages that our past thought had a hold on us and disrupting the norm in our industries where people have to look at each other and wonder how we gained this superpower!