Harris Road Park


Harris Road Neighborhood Park: Harris Road Park is a 12.13 acre property located in Southeast Arlington along W. Harris Road. This park provides the following amenities: Parking lot with lighting and accessible parking Automated access gate for security Playground area with swings - playground equipment for two age groups - 2-5 years and 5-12 years The play equipment has integral shade canopies. Located within the shade trees, this nature-themed playground offers several nature components and musical instruments for children to experience. The playground equipment is also integrated with educational nature panels. The playground area leads to the "nature path" (decomposed - granite) walkway through the shade areas to offer varied play opportunities A hike and bike concrete loop trail 8' wide which loops around the park. Benches and picnic tables are located along the path and around the playground area. Drinking water fountain is located near the playground area New park monument sign is located at the entrance Open areas with permanent irrigation system Landscape improvements and shade trees