Hey there, live music lovers! If you’re heading to the Levitt Pavilion for some free music under the stars (and if you’re not, why aren’t you?), here are 11 Levitt fast facts that will help you have an extra-fun, extra-comfortable good time:

One: Levitt is BYOB friendly—but leave the glass at home.

You can bring anything you want to eat or drink to the Levitt, including alcoholic beverages, as long as you don’t bring glass containers. On the other hand, airtight sealed containers (think Pringles cans) are highly encouraged. They help keep your seating area clean and also discourage critters and crawlies from sneaking bites of your snacks.

For those who aren’t in the mood to fill up a picnic basket, local restaurants that are on site at many Levitt shows include:

Two: Arrive early. Park smart.

The Levitt has general (unassigned) lawn seating—in other words, first-come, first-served. It’s such an awesome venue that there really is no such thing as a bad spot. However, some Levitt fans are serious about being close up to their favorite artists. So plan to arrive an hour early to claim your preferred space. There is plenty of free parking all around the Levitt, so map out your parking strategy in your PJs the night before. Some places to scope out include:

  • Pinnacle Corp parking lot
  • First Baptist Church parking lot
  • UTA College Town parking garage

You can check out a parking map (which includes current downtown street closures here. Guests in wheelchairs should use the ground level entrances at Center and Abram, Center and South and Abram and Pecan (near the flagpoles). 

The best parking for summer 2018 will be located south of the Pavilion due to Abram St. construction.

Three: If you’re rockin’ the Levitt, make a weekend of it!

With so many cool things to do in and around Downtown Arlington and two charming bed-and-breakfasts practically within walking distance of the Levitt, why not turn a concert into a staycation? Learn more.

Four: Blankets and lawn chairs are encouraged.

Some Levitt guests prefer lawn chairs for better visibility, while others like to sit or lay on blankets. Until you get your Levitt routine down, you might want to bring both. The Founders Plaza lawn is where most people sit, but guests are also permitted to perch on the low walls around the lawn, too. 

Five: Pack smart.

The more comfortable you are, the more you’ll enjoy your visit. Items you should consider bringing with you include:

  1. Bottled water
  2. Non-scented insect repellent
  3. Pre-moistened towelettes
  4. Hand-held fans
  5. Binoculars

Six: Don’t worry, bathrooms are on site.

Due to construction, City Hall bathrooms are currently not available for use. However, the Levitt provides port-a-potties on site, as well as a new air-conditioned bathroom trailer. 

Seven: Stay in the loop.

If inclement weather takes center stage, you can find out about delays and cancellations by calling the Levitt’s 24-hour info line at 817.543.4301 or by downloading the Levitt Pavilion app.

Eight: Well-behaved dogs are welcome.

Friendly dogs on leashes are welcome to join the fun, but know that you’re responsible for cleaning up after your pet as well as your pet’s behavior. Before you leash up your favorite furball, please think about whether or not the show will be too loud for canine ears.

Nine: If you’re smoking, you’ll need to leave the lawn.

There’s no smoking in Founders Plaza, the rules say no smoking or vaping within 50 feet of a city park. 

Ten: Bring your favorite band’s CD for an autograph.

Although the Levitt can’t promise that any artist or band will be available for autographs, many performers do stick around after the show to sign CDs and meet and greet with their fans. When that happens, it usually takes place in the merchandise tent that’s close to the stage, after the  concert. No one is allowed backstage.

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