Seven countries, eight competitors. Check out the organizations that will be taking the field against the U.S. National Teams at International Bowl IX.

Football Canada

Established in 1884, the role and associated objectives of Football Canada have grown as it developed into the national governing body of all Canadian amateur football — representing tackle, touch and flag components, including players, coaches, officials and administrators.

British Columbia

The British Columbia Provincial Football Association (BCPFA) was formed in 2016 as the new governing body of amateur football in the province. The BCPFA develops, promotes, coordinates, regulates and fosters the growth of all aspects of safe amateur football in the province.


The Ontario Football Alliance is the provincial sport organization for football in Ontario. They aim to develop football in Ontario by providing programs to improve the game through participation and mandates developed by its membership.


In 2016, the Japan American Football Association (JAFA) started a program to create a National Team comprised of 40 high school all-stars. This program helps younger players get educated on a higher level, learn different culture and lead the upper-class national teams (U-19, college, senior) in the future.


Team Nordic is a new collaboration between the Nordic federations of American football from Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. The team consists of players and coaches from the four nations and is built on the foundation of development and giving the best football players in the Nordic regions a chance to compete against their peers on the biggest stage. 


The Autenticos Tigres is the representative team of American football of the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon (UANL), one of the best universities in Mexico. The team was founded in 1943 and since then has forged great athletes and better individuals. The program has three levels and 450 players.


Team Laguna Select is from the region known as La Laguna, a metropolis where football has been played for more than 80 years. Laguna Select is made up of players from youth football leagues such as the AFAIL, LFL, and Durango leagues. La Laguna has many competitive teams that compete internationally.


The Broncos team is a new football organization in Chihuahua, Mexico. Founded in 2013, the program is run in the state capitol and the Broncos participate in the State Football League of Chihuahua. The Broncos have teams at six age levels, with more than 250 children and young people registered. 

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