Six Flags Over Texas introduces the all-new ride, JUSTICE LEAGUE: BATTLE FOR METROPOLIS 4D

In this fair and bustling city of Arlington, Texas, I never once felt concerned for my family’s safety. That was however, until I saw that the evil Lex Luthor and The Joker captured five of our beloved guardians. SUPERMAN, BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, THE  FLASH and GREEN LANTERN – All of them held captive, but for what sick purpose? Rumor had it The Joker was planning to release his toxic laughing gas on the whole city!

“Evil is no laughing matter!” I thought as I made my way to my car and turned the ignition.

But then as soon as I was pulling out of my garage, my wife knocked on the window with my daughter held snug in her arms. She looked at me, and I knew this was a family affair.
It’s time we took this city into our own hands.We drove to Six Flags Over Texas, where it was reported that those fiends were keeping our heroes hostage. To our surprise, we discovered this tragic event brought forth an endless line of supporters, all wanting to stand up and rescue our captured heroes.

We each made our way into a dark lit facility, given instructions by Cyborg and members of the Justice League; we were then armed with a blaster and a pair of some hi-tech 4D glasses. Seated together in our battle equipped vehicles…the adventure began. Entering into the battlefield we were quickly faced with a familiar villain – Lex  Luthor! He gave us an ultimatum… To either join him and the forces of evil in taking over the city… or to face the consequences along with the Justice League.

“Eat laser gun!” I shouted as I blasted him with my weapon.

Lex and his minions retaliated and attacked our car as it spun out of control! The Joker then greeted us; cackling as he presented us with the final offer to join the Legion of Doom.

“We will never join you!” My wife protested as she helped my daughter pull the trigger on him, blasting him away!

Suddenly, fleets of robotic drones swarm over us and began attacking! We all went to town, blasting them one by one. It seemed endless and we could barely keep up until Superman showed up and joined the fight! Moments later, Green Lantern, Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash all entered the battle and we fought together. We were caught in the crossfires of an epic rumble between the good guys and the bad guys as we found ourselves escaping enormous explosions and falling into a subway tunnel almost crashing until Green Lantern used his ring to spin us around a loop and to safety.

Valiantly, we pursued the villains as we continued to destroy the robotic drones until finally the Super heroes caught Lex Luthor and The Joker, tied up and ready for a nice long stay at Arkham Asylum. On our way back home, we contemplated our awesome adventure. We did our part to aide our city’s guardians, but the battle is still not over - They need YOUR help too!

Time is of the essence - so don’t hesitate! Head over to Six Flags Over Texas and ride the Justice League: Battle For Metropolis 4D this summer. The fate of Arlington and The Justice League is in your hands!