Are you hoping to lose weight, improve heart health, reduce your stress or just generally rock your life in 2018? If so, good for you—and to help you stick with those self-improving new year’s resolutions, here are seven places in Arlington that are perfect for starting and sustaining healthy habits:

One: Park it, book it

Lace up for a calorie-burning and stress-reducing walk, run, or bike in a lush greenbelt. Lucky for us, Arlington has a plethora of parks and green spaces for your recreational consideration: park finder. Connect with the park that’s the most convenient or intriguing for you— and don’t forget to research park amenities, like walking trails, picnic areas, and water features. After your walk is complete, a park is also the perfect spot to read and/or journal! So dust off that fun novel or self-help book that’s been on your mind. Or start a new habit by purchasing a beautiful leather journal that fills you with joy when you open it.

Two: Salad days

Did you know that most Americans are missing out on one of the easiest ways to prevent cancer, heart disease and other perils — fruits and vegetables. Shockingly, only 9% percent get the 2-3 cups of recommended vegetables each day. One cannot live on kale alone, but make it a habit in 2018 to seek salad-focused menus more often so as to fuel your life with energy, nutrition and overall longevity. To get started, check out Whole Foods or the new Salata, a gourmet salad bar located in Champions Park in the Arlington Entertainment District. Find more salad bars in Arlington.

Three: Chill out

If your neck muscles feel like rocks or you’re popping antacid tablets like they’re candy, it’s time to think about ways you can better manage stress. Consider booking a soothing massage at the Sanford House, Spa Pangea, or Hand & Stone. Or roll to a class at the Yoga Project or Arlington Yoga Center, which frequently hosts fun special events like Tacky Christmas Sweater Yoga, Nama'Stay and Have a Beer and Hike+Yoga. See their website for upcoming offerings!

Four: Get sporty

Golf is equal parts calorie-burning, competitive AND gorgeous! Think about how many miles you’ll rack up after just a few short months—plus, spending time in the tranquil beauty of a golf course can go a long ways towards reducing stress. And 2018 is an especially good year to take up the sport, since Arlington Golf is about to re-open a beautifully renovated Ditto Golf Course. Check out some of Arlington area’s most popular outdoor offering, including our greens, now. Also, participation in team sports is good for both the body and the soul, bringing multiple health and wellness benefits in the form of regular exercise and socialization. Visit the Arlington Parks & Recreation Department to find out more about options for hockey, basketball, volleyball, softball, kickball, and more.

Five: Give the gift of your time

Giving back to your community is a great way to start off the new year. Volunteering is proven to help with stress by staying active and social. Arlington has no shortage of volunteer opportunities. The City of Arlington maintains a website that can connect you with local volunteer needs. Or perhaps consider one of our local cultural organizations such as the Symphony Arlington, Levitt Pavilion, Arlington Music Hall and the Arlington Museum of Art. Find something that speaks to you, and then research options!

Six: Say oui to a class

Does your 2018 include a desire for personal growth? Wanna learn Photoshop, floral design or French? Then it’s time to enroll in continuing education class at UT Arlington. Or maybe a fitness classes can help you drop a dress size and gain a new friend to help you stay on track. Check out the Cliff Nelson, Dottie Lynn, or Elzie Odom recreation centers, or any other Arlington recreation facility, to connect with classes in aerobics, boxing, Zumba®, Pilates and more.

Seven: Go for a mall walk

Brrrr, the song says it all….baby it’s cold outside! But guess what, the mall is toasty warm. Mall walking is good for anyone who wants to fire up the fitness tracker while also avoiding the elements. Plus you can multi-task by window shopping or running errands afterwards. Check out The Parks Mall at Arlington to map your route and find out the mall’s hours of operation—and you might also want to download the mall’s app to get access to “what’s happening” after your walk.