Pokemon Go:  Pokéstops in Arlington Attractions and Beyond
By Nikki Stephens, Michael Ly and Jason Torres

-Special Thanks to James Kuzski from the Hilton Arlington and Abby Dozier from the Arlington Library-

The millennials in the office LOVED the original (OG) Pokémon, and could at least get 50-75 of the original 151 right if we tried. Since the release of the new mobile app/game Pokemon Go, we’ve been searching out the places closest to us to try and catch ‘em all!

Jason, Graphic Designer
Favorite Pokémon: Raichu

Nikki, PR & Digital Media Coordinator
Favorite Pokémon: Togepi

Michael, Digital Marketing Manager
Favorite Pokémon: Snorlax

James Kuzski, Hilton Arlington
Favorite Pokémon: Jolteon

  1. Visit the Arlington Visitors Welcome Center

Stop by our Pokéstop in our Visitors Welcome Center, there might be an egg (we know we keep getting three poké balls every few minutes woo)! For sure though, if you stop by our VWC, sign our guestbook, and we’ll have a FREE APPETIZER coupon for Mellow Mushroom Pizza, which is also a Pokéstop!

  1. Go to a Rangers Game – There are THREE in Globe Life Park + 2 gyms!

Globe Life Park is a Pokéstop in itself – that one is easy. But, you’ll have to take a tour of Globe Life Park or attend a game there to get the two (or more) lurking inside.

The Nolan Ryan Statue is a Pokéstop, and there’s also a mysterious “Classic Texas Rangers” Pokéstop and another, but we’re not going to tell you where those are. It just looks like it’s somewhere on the outside of the park. Wink.

  1. Tour AT&T Stadium, it has THREE GYMS!!!

Outside of AT&T Stadium, there is a Pokéstop or two. Then take a tour of the stadium to obtain the stops inside!

  1. Visit Six Flags Over Texas – there are three gyms and 26 stops.
    (Thanks James)

If you have a season pass, or you’re just there for the day – go into Six Flags Over Texas. We’re sure there will be Pokémon everywhere!!!! Plus, the good ol’ Oil Derrick is a gym. Meet some new friends and challenge them to battle.

  1. Peruse around Richard Greene Linear Park into the Arlington Convention Center

The park itself is a Pokéstop. Then, it’s your job to find the multiple others.

  1. Arlington City Hall is a gym with a few stops
  2. Sanford House Inn/restaurant 506 is a Pokéstop
  3. The fountain outside of BFF Asian Grill off of Lamar is a Pokéstop
  4. The “Texas to the Bone” mural is a Pokéstop
  5. Levitt Pavilion is a Pokéstop
  6. Arlington Post Office is a gym
  7. The Courtyard by Marriott the Ballpark has a Pokéstop
  8. BoomerJack’s in Lincoln Square is a Pokéstop

We’re sure Lincoln Square is teeming with Pokéstops. Walk around and enjoy some food at Boomer’s then stroll the lifestyle center to see what other treasures await.

  1. Monarch Butterfly Garden at Fielder House is a Pokéstop
  2. South Center Historic District City Marker (501 S. Center) is a Pokéstop

UPDATE: 5 pm on 7/12

  1. Twisted Root Burger in Downtown Arlington is a Pokéstop
  2. Chamas do Brazil in South Arlington is a Pokéstop
  3. The Arlington Highlands has several Pokéstops, including Dave & Busters (edit 7/13) it is actually the old Splitsville building right next to Dave & Busters, not D&B (thanks for the heads up, FB fan Jill C-S)
  4. Putt-Putt Mini Golf and Games is a Pokéstop
  5. Alley Cats is a Pokéstop
  6. The East Arlington Library Branch is a Pokéstop
  7. The Lake Arlington Library Branch is a Pokéstop
  8. The Southeast Library Branch is a gym
  9. The Southwest Library Branch has two Pokéstops and a gym
  10. The Woodland West Library Branch is a Pokéstop
  11. The Northeast Branch is a gym
  12. The Central Express has a few Pokéstops

Update 10:30 am on 7/13

  1. River Legacy is teeming with Pokéstops
  2. Veterans Park has two gyms and multiple Pokéstops (found on Reddit)
  3. Vandergriff Park has two gyms and five Pokéstops(found on Reddit)
  4. Game Over on Cooper & I-20 is a gym. (found on Reddit)
  5. T-Mobile on Camp Wisdom and 360 is a gym. (found on Reddit)
  6. The University of Texas at Arlington is teeming with gyms and Pokéstops
  7. North Point Baptist Church is a Pokéstop (Thank you FB fan Casey S.)
  8. Shepherd of Life Lutheran Church is a Pokéstop (Thanks FB fan Casey S.)
  9. Clarence Thomas Park has Pokéstops (thanks FB  fan Casey S.)
  10. The Park and Ride on Lamar & 30 is a Pokéstop
  11. Campo Verde is a gym and a Pokéstop (Thanks FB fan Crystal G.)

Update 10:45 am on 7/14

  1. Catfish Sam’s is a Pokéstop (Thanks FB fan Julie D.)

Update 3:24 pm on 7/14

  1. Potager is a Pokéstop (Thanks ACVB Stefanie)
  2. Fuzzy’s Downtown Arlington is a Pokéstop(Thanks ACVB Stefanie)

Update at 4:35 pm on 7/14

  1. The Arlington Convention Center is a Pokéstop (Thanks ACVB Neetu)
  2. Babe’s is a Pokéstop
  3. The Howard Johnson is a Pokéstop
  4. The Post Office on Ballpark Way is a Pokéstop
  5. The Post Office at Oakwood and Randol Mill is a Pokéstop
  6. Randol Mill Park is a Pokéstop

Update at 3:52 pm on 7/25

  1. Richard Simpson Park by Lake Arlington has a gym and two Pokéstops (Thanks Twitter user @missellencat)


Stay tuned, as we will find more and update this post!


  1. Ripley’s Believe it or Not! has two Pokéstops and a gym!

Update 10:30 am on 7/13

  1. The Grand Prairie Premium Outlets has a few Pokéstops