Traditionally, Arlington is host to many events centered around the Independence Day holiday…parades, fireworks, ball games, festivals, the list goes on and on. But, as with so many things, most of these events have been cancelled,  postponed or moved. As you are grilling burgers, chilling watermelon, watching fireworks from your car or television, prepping s’mores or attempting the ultimate sparkler Instagram photo, we want to help you celebrate!

We enlisted the help of our staff who wanted to share their favorite memories of July 4th in Arlington. We hope these stories inspire new traditions and encourage you, as we all dream of recreating these moments next year!


  • Having gone to High School at Lamar, our Drill Team had the chance to perform in the Fourth of July parade, and it was amazing to see all the families lined up and watching the parade as the High School bands, floats, drill teams and other clubs went by. A great small town feel even though Arlington was on it’s way to being a BIG suburb. – Ellen
  • My favorite memories of the July 4th parade in Arlington always start with the pre-planning! Who is joining our group? Who is bringing the snacks and just how much red, white and blue can you find to bring along?  I always bring several bottles of bubbles to share with friends around us! It helps the kids of all ages pass the time, and just makes it all more fun! Our group gathers early to watch as the floats make their way to the staging area; this is sort of the parade before the parade! You catch up with old friends and make new ones as you share stories of parades past! Then, the color guard lines up, the flags are presented and the parade begins! As handmade floats and high school bands make their way along the route, you see people laughing and clapping along! Your heart swells with gratefulness and pride as you see the floats with the Veteran’s  groups! You just can’t help but feel proud and hopeful when you see everyone coming together to celebrate! – Cynthia
  • My favorite July 4th tradition is to either watch the mini-series John Adams OR to do The Revolution marathon on the History Channel (or something else that’s similar). We are so blessed to live in this country! I know things aren’t always perfect, but what unites us is indeed greater than what divides us. So many people have sacrificed so much to get us here, and watching those shows reminds me to count my blessings and to honor that journey. - Lisa
  • Fireworks are a big part of my family's July 4th traditions. Every year, the last few years, my family in east Texas goes out to my uncle's ranch house to sing karaoke, eat good food and experience a 15-minute firework show that is put to America-themed music. It's always fun watching my younger cousins "ooo" and "ahhh" over the lit up sky. I love to chase them around with a few sparklers afterward. – Cara


If you are looking to get out of the house while still socially distancing, join us in the Arlington Entertainment District to watch fireworks from your car on July 3rd. For more information on where to go and how to watch the fireworks, please click here