I want to proclaim from the top of AT&T Stadium “I love the PBR Iron Cowboy Series!”

For three years now, when the New Year rolls around, something makes me all happy inside and I’m certain it’s rodeo weekend. This will be the sixth year for Iron Cowboy and the second year for RFD-TV’s THE AMERICAN rodeo, “the richest rodeo on earth.”

Any respecting Cowboy from 1 mile away to 10,000 miles away should be in Arlington the last weekend of February—AT&T Stadium rolls up the turf and puts down tons of fresh dirt to better facilitate the month of awesome extreme sports events and the biggest rodeo weekend.

PBR Iron Cowboy VI

First off, Iron Cowboy is the best event for anyone wanting to have a good time, whether or not bull riding is your thing or if you’ve never even thought about it. Each event starts off –and you’d better be in your chair because YOU DON’T want to miss this—with pyrotechnics! As explosions light the corridors of AT&T Stadium, music and excitement fill the stadium before the initials “PBR” set fire in the dirt. It’s show time. Once the grand intro comes and goes, it’s a nonstop display of mini events where a loveable rodeo clown often takes the spotlight and 24 excruciatingly attractive yet husky (for the dudes) riders from all around the world have their chance at riding the best bulls alive!

Iron Cowboy VI will be at AT&T Stadium February 28 at 5:50 PM.


Next up is RFD-TV’s THE AMERICAN Rodeo, equally as mind-blowing and happening March 1, the day directly after PBR’s soiree.

This event brings together all worthy competitors, yes, anyone who wants to compete in events sanctioned by the biggest world-renowned rodeo organizations against one another doing multiple feats including bareback riding, saddle bronc, barrel racing, bull riding, steer wrestling, tie-down roping and team roping.

As stated above, this rodeo has the biggest wallet on Earth – the winner of this event gets a whopping $2 million and other winners split half a million dollars in prizes!!!

Arlington is THE place to be the weekend of February 28, book your hotel. If you’re from Arlington, take advantage of our coupons & deals.