A little background

For the first time on North American soil, the folks from the ICE exhibit have brought the Fantasy in Sand: the Wonderful World of Oz to the Arlington Entertainment District, through July 18th. Within walking distance of Globe Life Park in Arlington and AT&T Stadium, Fantasy in Sand was formed, sculpted and perfected by a group of 14 international sand sculptors over a two-week period. Talk about Sandsational!

Helloooo sunshine!

Working in Arlington for around five years, every new little thing excites me for what’s to come next. Fantasy in Sand is not a little thing! It’s an impressively huge, breathtaking exhibit that just so happens to feature your favorite scenes and characters from the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Let’s get it straight, though – the scenes are from L. Frank Baum’s classic children’s book, not the movie starring Julie Garland.

You walk into the exhibit and there’s an immediate Fantasy in Sand: the Wonderful Wizard of Oz plate and City of Arlington logo welcoming you in. As you continue onto your own “yellow brick road,” the scenes escalate into the final moment when the witch is dead (spoiler alert) and the crew has finally gained themselves a heart, a brain, courage and a one-way ticket via tornado home.  

As an added bonus, the end sub exhibit America the Beautiful exhibit adds a historical finishing touch with captivatingly realistic depictions of liberty, independence and the Lincoln Memorial among others.

Then, shazam! As if by the powerful Oz himself, a giant sandbox appears! Not one to be above getting my hands dirty, I dug my boots in the largest sandbox in the country and helped a few coworkers’ kids go crazy on their sandcastles. On another note, the sandbox is perfect for lulling your sweet little ones to sleep. Plus, there are cocktails at the end!


******UPDATE: Fantasy in Sand is now closed, but there are still plenty of Things to Do and Places to Eat in Arlington.