Do you have visions of Lebkuchen, strudel and holiday excitement dancing in your head? Us too! That means  that the Texas Christkindl Market , which runs Nov. 27-Dec. 23 near Globe Life Park in Arlington, is about to open for business. And THAT means it’s time to learn these 7 cool facts about the market, one of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s most unique holiday destinations:  

One: Admission and parking to the Texas Christkindl Market are FREE. 

How's that for a present to you? We’re hoping that you’ll have a great time spending and shopping the market, visiting other Arlington attractions and staying in one of our awesome hotels.  But if you just want to stroll around the market and soak up some fabulous holiday atmosphere, that’s cool, too. Although we’re betting you won’t be able to get away without snagging at least ONE adorable cuckoo clock or buying a delicious hot drink.

Two: Speaking of cool purchases: You can get gifts at Texas Christkindl that you can’t get anywhere else.

Charming nutcrackers, offbeat beer steins, and any number of handcrafted toys, ornaments, candies, jewelry and home décor are all for sale, and they all make wonderful gift items. (Feel free to pick up a little something for yourself, too. We won’t tell anyone.)

Three: We’re bringing REAL snow to the Kinder Market.

It’s called the Kinder Market.  It’s all kinds of fun. We will have REAL actual snow there. The Snow Playground and Snow Throw will let you build your own snowman. Better yet, take a shot throwing a snowball (something that can’t always be done during Texas winters!). Other activities to enjoy in the new and improved Kinder Market include a carousel, story times, pony rides, and gingerbread house decorating (that you can take home!) presented by The Cakery.

Four: The notion of a Christkindl Market goes back a long way.  

Today, the market is one of the most favorite and beloved things to do in Arlington during the holidays.  But the concept of Christkindl Markets is nothing new in Europe, especially German-speaking Europe, where the practice of having an outdoor market and street festival during the Advent season dates back to the Middle Ages. 

Five: The Texas-German connection has history too.

The Texas-German connection goes all the way back to the 19th century, in fact, when a wave of German immigrants came to what later became known as the Texas Hill Country to take advantage of land grants, great weather, low taxes, and abundant hunting and fishing. Until a generation or two ago, it wasn’t too difficult to find “Texas Germans” speaking both English and German with their own special dialect – and today, more than two million Texans still claim at least a partial German heritage.

Six: Arlington has a German connection, too – and it’s a really cool story.

In 1951, Arlington became a “sister city” to Bad Königshofen (bat  Koenig-zo-fin), a small town near what used to be the border of East and West Germany. The city’s post-war struggles inspired the generosity of Arlington residents, who donated and shipped thousands of pounds of basic necessities to Königshofen residents many times during the 1950s. Interaction and friendship between the two cities continues to this day. Learn more.

Seven: Since we’re all babies about the cold, we’ll save a seat for you in the Arlington Highlands Warming Hut.

Unless you are a visitor or a transplant from someplace outside Texas, you’re probably just like the rest of us who say “brrrr!” whenever the temperature drops below 60 degrees. But have no fear, warm weather lovers, because we’ve got you covered with the Texas Christkindl Warming Hut presented by the Arlington Highlands. It’s a great place to kick back and enjoy the heaters while you chat with your shopping buddies and enjoy a mug of glühwein (mulled wine), pastry, or a hot and spicy German brat. 

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