Foodies…what a funny word! They should call us “Feedmes” instead, because at the heart of every foodie is a fun-loving international explorer with a grumbly stomach that is anxiously pondering his or her next feeding.

With the hustle bustle of life, it is impossible to make every meal culinary gold. However, when not reduced to eating on the run, a foodie loves to pour through cook books, blogs and restaurant reviews to excitedly plan the next opportunity for taste treasures.

While being a foodie is far, far less dangerous than being Indiana Jones, we are no less passionate about the mysteries of the world. Food is an adventure and a great way to learn about other cultures.

A world of flavors await you in Arlington, Texas, so grab your Indy hat and go!

  • Prince Lebanese – All hail, the crowned prince of hummus! This DFW hot spot, which was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, serves up some of the best Lebanese around. Special diet folks will happily find plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options clearly noted on the menu. Not happy unless your mouth is on fire? They also sizzle with spicy options as well.
  • Vietalia Kitchen – What happens when you combine authentic Vietnamese and Italian Cuisine? You get a unique “something for everyone” menu where you can grab a hamburger for lunch, pho for dinner, and tiramisu for dessert. This small restaurant, which is maybe 10 tables, packs a powerful punch to your hunger.
  • Jamaica Gates Caribbean Cuisine - Executive Chef Barbara Renfro, who was born and raised in Jamaica, shares her favorite recipes and offers a true taste of Jamaica. How about oxtails? Rasta Pasta, Curry Mutton, Plantains, and Jerk Chicken salad are always go-to favorites. Save room for Chocolate Rum Runner cake! Your sweet tooth will thank you.
  • Taste of Europe - Taste of Europe was recognized as Top ten restaurants (Number 6) of Dallas-Ft.Worth Metroplex for 2012. And let’s face it, if it’s good enough for the Food Network’s Guy Fieri, it’s a sure thing! Say Dah to authentic Russian cuisine, then browse the deli and gift shop for genuine Russian merchandise and European groceries.

Every foodie longs for: intricate flavors, delightful textures and interesting fusions. It’s deliciously fun to savor each bite, in between laughs with treasured friends, and plan future cuisine conquests. Foodies love to turn a meal an experience, so I invite you to Arlington where endless dining treasures are waiting to be discovered. No dusty treasure map required. Where will YOUR adventures begin?