Enjoy the Little ThingsX

In A Big Way

Remember the wind in your hair? Beer with friends? Dim sum? Watching sports? Same. We miss experiencing the little things with the people that matter most. So, why not do the little things in a big way?

Don’t just have a beer with friends, pick from one of our microbreweries. Don’t simply watch a game, surround yourself with 50 of the biggest televisions you’ve ever seen. Don’t just eat your favorite food, do it at a place you’ve never been – all while social distancing! That’s what you get when you visit a World of Wonderful. In Arlington, enjoy the little things in a big way.

Arli's Picks

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Eight-year-old Arli Wonderful has an insatiable appetite for excitement! Needless to say, Six Flags Over Texas is always #1 on her Arlington list. Here are other things that satisfy her sense of adventure:

Six Flags Over Texas

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Alley Cats

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Barli's Picks

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Barli Wonderful is a talented homebrewer, but when she’s in Arlington she likes to check out what’s brewing in the city’s growing collection of craft breweries. Here are a couple of her faves:

Legal Draft Brewery

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Division Brewery

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Charli's Picks

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Charli Wonderful is a true foodie, even though he can barely boil water. With its global dining scene, Arlington gives Charlie access to flavors from around the world. Here are a couple of top spots:

Prince Lebanese Grill

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A Taste of Europe

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Gnarli's Picks

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Arli’s big bro, Gnarli, loves sports. Playing them, watching them, it doesn’t matter, but the more intense and exciting, the better. Check out some of Gnarly’s favorite ways to get his fill of sports in Arlington:

Globe Life Field

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AT&T Stadium

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