Tourism is one of Arlington's Most Lucrative Industries!

Here in Arlington and in the great state of Texas, we welcome travelers year round to our cities to get the authentic experience only we can offer here in this state. Arlington’s perfect location in North Texas and its accessibility by car within the region make it the perfect place for families to travel. In Arlington, we welcome visitors that are here on vacation, here on business or passing through daily. Our job as a Convention & Visitors Bureau is to make sure the leisure, business and otherwise traveler is able to navigate our city easily, find fun things to do on time, and have a great stay in one of our many hotels.

  • In 2015, 14 million people made their way through Arlington, with $1.4 billion generated in economic impact for the city. Statewide, Texas tourism made a $69 billion direct economic impact.
  • Tourism is one of the largest economic drivers in Arlington and Texas. Tourism creates 1 in 10 jobs in Texas and 1 in 8 jobs in Arlington. A total of 671,000 jobs directly support travel spending in the state.
  • In 2016, tourism generated $6.4 billion in local and state tax revenues, saving Texans money and putting those taxes into community projects like roads, local business, housing, municipalities and schools.
  • Without visitor spending, every Texas household would have paid an additional $1,020 in taxes! That’s: 64 large pizzas, almost  a year (10 months) of an electric bill, 23 tanks of gas and one/fourth the average cost of a family of four vacation you are saving  every year.