Historic Sites

Calling all history buffs, trivia lovers and aficionados! You have come to the right place. Take a step back in time and visit some of these iconic places in Arlington.

Gamblers and Celebrities

Known as the “Vegas before Vegas,” Top O’ Hill Terrace was a secret hub for gambling, drinking and all things scandalous in the 20s and 30s. *Clutches pearls*  Attracting high-rollers from famous to infamous, like John Wayne, Mae West, Frank Sinatra, and Bonnie and Clyde, the illicit casino had a tea room that served as a cover. Get a guided tour and explore the underground tunnels used to escape police raids.

Downtown Arlington History

Arlington Music Hall started as a movie theater and evolved into a mecca of music. Was Jesse’s Girl inspired here? Maybe, maybe not. But Rick Springfield has definitely rocked out here. Check their calendar for upcoming concerts and events. For paranormal investigators, story has it that their ghost-in-residence “Fred” is known to turn lights back on and roam the halls of the building. Every show is hauntingly good!

Stroll through buildings from the 1800s and a 1910 one room schoolhouse in Knapp Heritage Park. See the city’s original town site firsthand and marvel at how far Arlington has come. Less than two miles away, take in the scenic 215 acres of live oaks, orchards and gardens at the Fielder House. Built in 1914, the two-story brick home now houses the Fielder Museum and offers tours for you history lovers.

For almost 60 years, the Mineral Well at the intersection of Center and Main Streets was a focal point for political rallies, parades and even the sale of mineral water. Water flowed through stone lions’ heads mounted on the well and the fixture was a popular spot for tourists. Alas, they paved over paradise, but you can still drive past the spot – no pink hotel though.

More Things You Can Do