Public Art

Creativity and nature combine into something extraordinary along our art trail

Entertainment District Sculpture Trail

Nestled between Globe Life Park and AT&T Stadium, Arlington's Sculpture Trail provides a unique combination of art, nature, and architecture that can only be found here in The American Dream City.


Onward and Upward

Onward & Upward

by Julia Ousley

The figures placed on the towers in this sculpture represent every man on a pedestal rather than a single hero. Arlington's advances made it easy to adapt this art to the hard working people who continue to make Arlington so special.


Whimsical Spherical HD

Whimsical Spherical

by Art Fairchild

Made from 275 linear feet of 3" steel tubing, this piece is "chaotic & frozen movement" that can be manually spun by people passing by. The piece's shape is inspired by hardware in a garage, dumped and frozen in time.


Celestial Trio HD

Celestial Trio

by Bruce Niemi

Influenced by the number of 7 which represents completion according to the Bible. The aim is to see your own interpretation for these sevens that are arranged abstractly. Together, they create a completed work of art. The hope is to make you feel uplifted when you view this piece.


Arc 7 HD

Arc 7

by Scott Shubin

The chrome-colored sculpture is meant to reflect the metallic look of AT&T Stadium and the arched tubes play on the movements you would find in sports. “There is the arc of the football. In baseball, there is the curveball. I thought I would incorporate those elements in the sculpture,” the artist said.


Bee Active

Bee Active

by Amy Stephens
A bright yellow star-shaped art piece covered with detailed bees will catch the eye of nature lovers. The fiberglass star, titled Bee Active, is the work of Arlington artist Amy Stephens and is part of the Arlington Museum of Art’s Star of Texas art exhibit.


Leave Your Mark HD

Leave Your Mark

by Janna Tidwell

The artist incorporated a human element – fingerprints – into her 8-foot tall, white rose sculpture titled “Leave Your Mark.” Fingerprints are cut out of the centers of the 1,200-pound steel sculpture’s flower petals.


"Influx" by Scott Shubin


by Scott Shubin


Fern Fronds by Pascale Pryor

Fern Fronds

by Pascale Pryor


Trio by Art Fairchild


by Art Fairchild