Visit Hurricane Harbor 

When it’s summertime in Arlington, there’s only one way to beat the heat—submerging yourself in over three million gallons of water! Whether you’re thirsty for excitement, want to wave goodbye to your worries, or want to make a splash with the perfect family activity, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor has the ideal experience for you. With over 40 rides and attractions, the massive water park offers an adventure for every persuasion.

Sensational Rides

If you’re the type that gets your kicks with top speed, steep drops, and corkscrew turns, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor will have you floating on cloud nine.

At 72 feet tall, the legendary Der Stuka water slide will test the fortitude of even the most dedicated thrill seeker. You’ll understand why the slide is named for a legendary attack plane once you step over the edge and begin the endorphin-soaked dive of a lifetime.

Next, why not challenge your nerve with a ride on the Geronimo? Savor the anticipation as you climb seven stories, your stomach fluttering with nerves. Unlike Der Stuka, this ride starts with a short horizontal section of runway so you’ll get even more speed before the descent. Get ready for a flood of adrenaline as you plunge a full six stories, your body seemingly hovering over the slide, before you hit the pool at breathless velocity.

Want to settle a bet? Compete with a friend on the Wahoo Racer, the largest multi-lane water slide complex in the world. You’ll fire headfirst at 40 feet per second through winding tubes before emerging into six racing lanes for a high-speed photo finish in the refreshing splash pool.

Family Fun and Relaxation

Looking for a more relaxing experience? Soak up some of that warm Texas sun while rafting down the Lazy River Cruise. Catch up with the family while you drift on a soothing current and get a tour of the entire park, listening to screams of delight as people fire down the precipice of Der Stuka. Perhaps you’ll even work up the nerve to ride the Black Hole as you see its spiralling tubes in the distance.

Consider a midday visit to Suntan Lagoon for a little rest between high-intensity rides. Grab an ice-cold coke, a slice of pizza or a snow cone, and kick back on the deck of a million-gallon pool. Talk over your favorite rides so far and plan your next exploit as you recharge.

Kid-Friendly Adventure

Take the little ones to Splashwater Beach, a child-friendly oasis with over 40 interactive water features. Between the water curtains, dumping buckets, and hoses, your kids will be soaked in fun. There’s even a lounge where you can kick back while the kids splash around.

Your youngest water park enthusiasts can enjoy Hook’s Ship for pirate-themed exploits on the high seas. This vessel comes equipped with nets for climbing and four colorful slides, so the little ones can experience twists and turns before being deposited in refreshing waters.

Vacation Packages

Fold your Hurricane Harbor getaway into a bigger adventure with available special offers. Packages include premiere lodging and pulse-pounding excitement at Six Flags or a top-notch game day experience at AT&T Stadium.


Curious about what you may need to bring with you to the park? Looking for maps to keep you oriented? Wondering about ride restrictions or accessibility? Check out answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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