Visit Six Flags Over Texas

With over 40 thrilling rides, spectacular shows, and delicious food around every corner, Six Flags Over Texas is the land of nonstop fun. Conveniently located halfway between Dallas and Fort Worth, the amusement park offers something for everyone in your group. Six Flags Over Texas has hatched a “devilish” new plan for the world’s largest loop coaster, opening this spring. Originally announced in the fall of 2018 as “Lone Star Revolution,” the park’s 14th coaster has been re-imagined with a more sinister moniker—El Diablo.

Choose from spine-tingling, mega roller coasters or family-friendly attractions the little ones will love, and don’t miss the lively entertainment scheduled daily. Plus, be sure to take advantage of the money-saving deals and discounts to make the most of your visit.

Thrill Rides

For adrenaline seekers, Six Flags Over Texas has more than 13 world-class roller coasters and nearly 20 thrilling rides that will quite literally sweep you off your feet. 

Spin yourself into a heart-pounding frenzy on the CATWOMAN Whip ride. With your feet hanging loose, your upper half is strapped into a seat as you are gradually raised into the air in a spinning motion that has you completely upside down at times while you rotate around a 68-foot loop that gives the sensation of flying. 

The rest of the Batman villains are here, too. Take a ride on new HARLEY QUINN Spinsanity and get some serious air time as you spin on a giant gondola from multiple axis points. Experience the freestyle-coaster that is THE JOKER where you’ll be flipped head over heels six times, and don’t miss rotating around a huge disc on a pendulum at THE RIDDLER Revenge as you catch air up to 147 feet high.

You can also experience a spectacle of engineering that even the most dedicated of roller coaster aficionados will secretly balk at. Titan is the park’s hypercoaster, so named for its oversized structure and astounding 225-foot drop. With two 540-degree spirals and speeds up to 85 miles per hour, Titan should definitely be on your roller coaster bucket list.

Kids Rides

Young imaginations can run wild with special rides designed with the little ones in mind. Head over to Bugs Bunny Boomtown, the children’s area of Six Flags Over Texas, where there are rides kids can go on all by themselves while you take a break and watch. 

Looney Tunes Adventure Camp is a massive, multi-level play structure kids can crawl, climb, and slide around as they make new friends. Join the youngsters on Daffy Duck Bucket Blasters and you and three other riders can sit in a giant rotating bucket equipped with water guns to spray and splash each other and spectators for a refreshing addition to your day. Be sure to take the pint-sized visitors to Wile E. Coyote’s Grand Canyon Blaster for their first taste of roller coaster adrenaline, measured to the perfect height and speed for children. 

Dining Experience

Every amusement park excursion needs dynamic flavors and foods to keep you rolling into the next exciting experience. Sprinkled throughout the 212 acres of Six Flags Over Texas are over a dozen different dining options sure to offer something to please everyone.

Go the traditional bigger-is-better route at Bubba’s Texas Giant Hot Dogs where you can also feast on giant turkey legs if extra-large hot dogs just aren’t enough. Or, get your barbecue fix at JB’s Smokehouse Barbeque, serving up brisket and beers in the Old South themed section of the park. There’s even a Panda Express and Johnny Rockets if you want to stick with familiar favorites. 

If you’re in the mood to nibble your way through the day, there are snack stands and beverage kiosks everywhere you look. Cool down with an adult beverage and loaded nachos at Casa De Las Banderas’ outdoor seating area, or feel like a kid again with a Pink Thing, Six Flags’ iconic, frozen cherry-flavored treat on a stick.

Shows & Attractions

When you need a change of pace and seek the sparkle of entertainment from a motion-free seat, choose from a selection of shows that cater to the entire family. 

Get a taste of Las Vegas in Texas with the Hey Mr. DJ - Technicolor Beat! show complete with expert singing and dancing, over-the-top costumes, and pop hits everyone will recognize. Catch all your favorite Looney Tunes characters dancing right in front of you during the afternoon Rockin Dance Party or evening Hip Hop Bash. And, get ready to laugh during the comical Texas Justice gunfight taking place several times a day.

Added Value 

There are many ways to add some savings to your Six Flags Over Texas experience. Check out vacation packages to bundle your lodging with your park admission and get the most for your precious vacation money. Season passes and Six Flags Memberships are also available for those who will be in the area more than once during the year. 

Additionally, Six Flags Over Texas offers air-conditioned pet kennels, so you can have your family dog or cat nearby in a comfortable, cool environment.

Six Flags Over Texas has a robust calendar of events with special performances, festivals, and educational opportunities popping up throughout the year. Holidays are taken to an epic level at the park, and you definitely should experience Fourth of July in the summer, Fright Fest for fall, Holiday in the Park for winter, and Spring Break Out in the spring.
There is a lot to see and experience at Six Flags Over Texas, make a trip of it and spend a few days soaking in all the fun.

And speaking of planning, here are some resources to help you put together an awesome Six Flags itinerary:

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