Knapp Heritage Park

Knapp Heritage Park

  • Address:
  • 201 W. Front Street, Arlington, TX 76012
  • Phone:
  • (817) 460-4001


Founded in 1887
The Arlington Historical Society was originally called the Cemetery Society when founded in 1887 by members dedicated to gathering and preserving historical information and items relating to the founding and growth of the city.  Dedicated residents by birth or by choice continue to join the society understanding how important the past is in relationship to the present.   Whether an old timer or a newcomer we invite you to become a part of our family who work tirelessly to save, restore and preserve Arlington's historical treasures.

Becoming a member of the Arlington Historical Society is easy and affordable.   Meetings are held in the Fielder House with planned activities such as the Front Street Festival each fall and a variety of exhibits throughout the year.    There is room for everyone from every generation to contribute in time, talent or technical expertise. For more information simply call 817-460-4001 and ask for Geraldine Mills.  We’ve got room to widen the circle so make a new friend of your neighbors and join the Arlington Historical Society today!

Corporate & Business Sponsorship
The Arlington Historical Society graciously welcomes and covets our Corporate and Business Sponsors both locally, regionally, state and nationwide.   We cannot grow without the support of those inclined to value and fund historical preservation efforts.    The AHS is presently in need of continuing Corporate and Business Sponsorships for the expansion of popular exhibits into permanent homes or businesses in the downtown Arlington area. 

There are several levels of annual sponsorship in addition to grant funded donations or awards as we are a 501.3.c. qualified nonprofit organization.   For more information e-mail Geraldine Mills or call 817-460-4001 and partner with us to preserve, protect and exhibit the diverse and rich history of Arlington.