IT'S BASEBALL TIME IN TEXAS, AGAIN! While you're obviously coming to the stadium to watch the Texas Rangers, there's always the bonus addition of the ballpark menu, and Globe Life Field is rolling out all the stops to kick off the 2024 season as the defending World Champions.


Check out these new additions to the Globe Life Field menu:

GLF 2024 Boomstick Triple Play

The Boomstick Triple Play

A new take on the Texas Rangers’ classic 2-foot feast, featuring two Nolan Ryan Beef patties topped with Rico’s Nacho Cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles and served on an 8-inch bun; a foot-long Texas Chili Company hot dog topped with Texas Chili Company chili, Rico’s Nacho Cheese, grilled onion and jalapenos; and a towering helping of Tostitos tortilla chips, topped with chili, nacho cheese, grilled onions and jalapenos.

Available at the Texas 24” stand at Section 132 for $32.99.

GLF 2024 Texas Tacos

Texas Tacos

Rangers red crunchy taco shells lined with a soft flour tortilla and choice of classic taco meat or grilled chicken and topped with lettuce, pico de gallo, shredded cheese and choice of salsa verde or salsa roja. 

Available in concession stands at Sections 17, 106 and 226 for $14.99.

GLF 2024 Korean Pork Steamed Buns

Korean Pork Steamed Buns

Slow Cooked Korean Style Pulled Pork in a pillowy soft-steamed Bao bun, topped with a fresh cilantro slaw and an Unagi sauce and spicy mayo drizzle.

Available in concession stands at Sections 124 and 230 for $15.99.

GLF 2024 Meatball Garlic Knot Sliders

Meatball Garlic Knot Sliders

Classic Italian-style meatballs smothered in marinara sauce and served on buttery garlic knots topped with parmesan cheese.

Available in concessions at Sections CL23, 133 and 230 for $17.99 for three sliders.

GLF 2024 Ranchero Chile Relleno Dawwg

Ranchero Chile Relleno Dawwg

A Texas Chili All-Angus Beef hot dog is split and stuffed with queso chihuahua, wrapped first in a roasted banana pepper and then in strips of bacon. Grilled to perfection, served on a fresh Martin’s potato roll and topped with grilled onions.

Available in concession stands at Sections 121 and 225 for $15.99.

GLF 2024 Chicken Empanadas

Chicken Empanadas

Handmade empanadas filled with tender, flavorful chicken, fried to golden perfection and served with salsa roja and Tostitos tortilla chips.

Available in concessions at Sections 108 and 225 for $14.99.



In addition to the new menu items, there's several additions with new and existing partners coming this year!

GLF 2024 Whataburger


The iconic Texas-based burger chain has a new location at Globe Life Field near Section 105. The ballpark outpost will feature many of the beloved brand's classic menu items, including the #1 Whataburger – made with a toasted 5-inch bun, 100% fresh never-frozen beef patty, Original Mustard, lettuce, tomato and pickles, as well as Whataburger's golden French Fries, crispy Onion Rings and creamy Shakes.

GLF 2024 Golden Chick Chicken and Waffles Tacos

Golden Chick:

Golden Chick has been a partner and had a presence in Globe Life Field since it opened in 2020, and will now offer a Chicken & Waffle Taco – featuring a Golden Chick classic chicken tender drizzled with a sweet and tangy honey sriracha sauce and served on a fresh waffle “taco” and topped with bacon bits for the perfect finishing touch.

Available at the Golden Chick stand at Section 128 for $14.99 for two.

GLF 2024 Hurtado BBQ Milanesa Taco

Hurtado Barbecue

Hurtado made its debut at Arlington Eats in 2022 and became the official barbecue partner at Globe Life Field in 2023, with a standalone location at Section 141. The Milanesa Taco, one of the most popular menu items at their restaurant, will now be served at Globe Life Field. The taco features chicken-fried brisket, served with creamy gravy and chile de arbol in a warm flour tortilla. A second “Express” location will be added in the Upper Concourse near section 201, later this season in April.  

Arlington Eats

Located near Section 101, Arlington Eats features Arlington-based restaurants, including Ella B’s Restaurant, Prince Lebanese Grill, Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery, The Tin Cup and Cartel Tacos, along with newcomers Shrimp Doc and TJ’s Catfish & Wings. New to this season, Arlington Eats will be open for all home games in 2024.