This blog was written by Haneen E., AISD Richard Greene Scholar. Please see author bio below for more information. 

Come Summer, teenagers are always looking for something exciting and stimulating to do. Luckily, Arlington offers many different activities that are safe, fun, and affordable. These locations allow teenagers to interact with their friends while keeping their parents free from worry.

Texas Rangers Game

Attending a baseball game is an easy way for teenagers to socialize with their friends. Luckily, the Texas Rangers are based right in the heart of Arlington. Watching a good game of professional baseball is a recipe for a blast! The food, music, and people provide an environment that will keep everyone happy and entertained.

Putt-Putt Entertainment

Have you ever felt like playing a game of mini golf or swinging at a baseball? Well, now you can! Located 15 minutes away from Six Flags, there is a Putt-Putt Entertainment. They offer three mini golf courses, batting cages, and an arcade filled with fun games. Not only will your teen have a blast, they will also leave feeling like a professional golf or baseball player.

Six Flags Over Texas

Six Flags Over Texas is a popular amusement park that has hundreds of activities within. There are roller coasters, games, and concerts! The food and treats will leave you wanting more even after you leave. Dedicating a day here will provide your teen with enough fun that could last for weeks!

Shopping at the Arlington Highlands

It’s common for a teenager to want to have a fun day shopping with their friends. Good thing Arlington has an outdoor shopping facility that has many different stores and restaurants. The outdoor mall also has a movie theater for your teenager to sit back and relax at. The top-notch restaurants and amazing stores will make you want to join your kids!

Tour the AT&T Stadium

Arlington is home to one of the best football teams in the nation. AT&T Stadium is only minutes away from Globe Life Park. How many cities have two professional sports team this close in proximity? Allowing your teen to take a tour of this marvelous stadium will make you the best parent ever. They get the privilege of seeing the locker rooms, playing catch on the real field, and many more super cool things. It allows them to see where the magic of football happens and opens their eyes to the amazing opportunities that Arlington has to offer.