Get ready for non-stop action this season! Here are just some of our favorite thrill rides at Six Flags Over Texas:

  1. Texas SkyScreamer – This chilling swing ride has you soaring in a 124-foot circle at 35 miles per hour. The tallest SkySreamer in the world, this ride raises you 400-feet above the ground. If you can manage to open your eyes at the top, you’ll see amazing views of AT&T Stadium, Globe Life Park in Arlington and even downtown Dallas.
  2. Titan – The Titan stands more than 255 feet tall and reaches speeds of 85 miles per hour. Riders head up the first 245-foot hill and are dropped into a 120-foot underground tunnel. After a large turnaround, riders are subjected to several camel backs, two 540-degree helixes and more than a few twists and turns before stopping a full three and a half minutes after takeoff.
  3. SUPERMAN: Tower of Power –The Tower of Power opened in 2003 as the tallest ride in the park at 325 feet. This intimidating ride raises and lowers passengers once before the car is launched to the top. Riders hold there before being dropped halfway down the tower. They are raised once again to the top and dropped to 20 feet above the ground at 45 miles per hour. After bouncing halfway up the tower and dropping yet again, the ride is finally over and it’s safe to open your eyes.
  4. BATMAN: The Ride – The line for BATMAN: The Ride starts at the gates of Gotham City. The city deteriorates as riders get closer to the end and their only way of escape is to hop on a car and take this daring ride. The floor drops from under them and passengers begin a journey full of dips, drops, 180 degree turns and zero-g rolls. BATMAN The Ride reaches speeds of 50 miles per hour and towers almost 11 stories high.
  5. MR. FREEZE: Reverse Blast – This ride takes passengers on a bone-chilling trip backwards through a 190-foot tunnel and into a 180-degree turn before launching more than 200 feet into the air and suspending them. From there, riders dive face-first back into the station. Speeds on this coaster reach 70 miles per hour.

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