A few mornings ago, after dropping my two oldest kids at school, I wanted to treat myself. Thanks to the pandemic and being home with a 13-month old all day, I revel in the little moments of focusing on myself before I settle in at home for the day. 

While I love supporting the local doughnut shops, I was in the mood for something different. So I drove around for a bit, torn on going home or hitting Target- which is when I discovered Lò Báhn Mì French Bakery.

I couldn’t recall seeing their sign before in the shopping center west of TCC Southeast campus, so I decided to pop by for a look-see. Much to my surprise, they were open (hours Mon-Sunday, 7am-5pm)! I quickly got my toddler out of the car and headed inside. Immediately, I was greeted by beautiful French bread loaves and fresh pastries: pâté chaud/pâté so, croissants, and almond shingles. 

The friendly staff let me browse the menu of French and Vietnamese cuisine while salivating from the intoxicating aroma of fresh carbs (a smell I wish was available in a candle). At 8:30 in the morning, I made my first purchase for the day: 1 30-inch loaf of French bread ($1.75), 2 steamed pork buns ($2.95 each), 4 almond shingles ($0.50 each) and 2 egg rolls ($0.75).

I say “first purchase of the day” because after devouring each exquisite bite by 11:30 am, I went back after I grabbed my kids from school. Yes, everything was THAT good!

This time, I ordered for the family: a lemongrass bahn mi, the pork meatball bahn mi, a Thai iced tea ($3.00), flan ($2.00), 2 pâté chaud ($2.00 each) and 2 pandan waffles ($1.50 each and made to order, so be prepared to wait at least 7 minutes). Once again, Lò Báhn Mì did NOT disappoint! 

Lò Báhn Mì French Bakery offers an experience you didn’t know your tastebuds needed and amazing staff. Whether you’re craving a bahn mi to start your day, a breakfast option other than doughnuts, or a new lunch spot- I highly suggest exploring the menu at the newest gem in South Arlington. 


Lò Báhn Mì French Bakery
6516 New York Ave. Arlington, TX 76002