By Rhyland Ramirez

It’s the middle of November, and you know what that means; Turkey Day doesn’t get its fair share of publicity these days. Nope, sadly it means finals and Christmas and shopping and family and in-laws and traveling and endless shopping.

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet to study or work on those papers, or maybe to escape overbearing relatives and the pressures of buying the perfect gifts, this city isn’t without its perks.

Here’s a list of some of the quietest and most peaceful places to visit in Arlington, whether you’re looking for luxury or saving up for presents:


Let’s start with what we really want, whether we’ve got the dough or not: spas, luxury hotels, and bed and breakfasts.

Spending the day at the spa is a sure way to head home feeling relieved, even if only for a brief time. 

Spa Pangea, Med Spa, Salon and Café at Daired’s in South Arlington is a must visit for complete relaxation. Spa packages are affordable and some even include a chef-prepared meal from the café. With services ranging from manicures and pedicures, to haircuts, peels, facials, waxing, mud wraps and Vichy showers, this place will have you forgetting you’re in a bustling metropolis in no time.

Great Skin Spa Skincare and Facial Club offers it all: massages, facials, endermologie (which apparently is a fat-removal technology), waxing, makeovers, teeth whitening, and more. So even if you still feel stressed about heading back into the world, at least you won’t look it.

Also specializing in facial treatments, Suite Little Spa is a young business dedicated to making you love the mirror. And who doesn’t feel relieved when the mirror smiles back? Services include acne treatment, wrinkle treatment, beard treatment (that’s right guys, you deserve to relax, too), topped with aromatherapy and “relaxing spa music.”

Bed and Breakfasts—Find peace in a nice B&B out in the country, or at least as close to the country as you can get. Heck, if it’s got trees, a patio, and a porch swing, that’s close enough. If you’re looking for something a little bit more personable, a bed and breakfast is the way to go: fewer guests (and fewer staff), usually an owner and his/her spouse who just want to nurse you back to sanity. Here are a couple in the Arlington area worth trying out, whether on your own or with a small group of friends or family:

The Sanford House Inn and Conference Center: This one is located right smack dab in the heart of downtown Arlington. Also a luxury spa and home to one of the best Arlington restaurants—the chef-driven restaurant506, who knew you could place a bit of country wherever you please!

The Thornton Inn Bed and Breakfast: with only 5 guestrooms, you’re sure to experience the intimacy of a true bed and breakfast here. After a day at one of the stadiums or an evening following the EXAM of all exams, book a room here for a nice evening to unwind.


Coffee shops— some of the local shops are known for creating a peaceful ambiance, like Savor Coffee Bar and Eatery.  According to a Google review, “The owners are incredibly sweet and do their best to promote a calm and relaxing atmosphere.” Bingo! And if it’s too loud for your liking, pop in those ear buds and pop out a library book.

Parks—When I want to get away from chaos, I turn to nature. Sometimes I take my dog, and sometimes it’s just me and the hubs. We might hike some trails or throw a frisbee around. Sometimes we even find a secluded spot to just sit and be. Randol Mill Park, River Legacy Park, and Rush Creek Linear Park (North or South) are some of the highest rated parks to visit in Arlington for various reasons.

Randol Mill fancies scenic walking trails, ponds for fishing or viewing pleasures, and plenty of recreational sports options for kids and athletes. “It's also well-lit so that even at night it's a great place to escape,” according to one reviewer from March of this year.

River Legacy Park is a great place for bike riding and taking the kiddos out for fresh air and a picnic.

But maybe you want to escape the kiddos too. Leave ‘em with the in-laws for the day and head to Rush Creek Linear Park. Known mainly for walking and jogging trails, this could be the quick, free, getaway you’re looking for.  

Other Ideas

Libraries—Libraries are known for quiet. If that’s what you’re really wanting, then head to the nearest of at least 10 public libraries in Arlington. Pick a good book or two, find a comfortable spot, and enjoy an hour or two of calm and quiet. As stated before, there are more than a few libraries in this city to choose from. Just Google them.  

Bookstores—This is probably my favorite idea, besides parks and nature. You could sit for hours in a bookstore with your nose in the pages and not get kicked out. Your silent company is typically welcomed at any Barnes & Noble or Half-Priced Books.

Museums—The Arlington Museum of Art is just one of this city’s great museums, and museums are often quiet too.  Study the art, or pretend to, and lose yourself for an afternoon while you de-stress after the morning’s adventures in a full house. Right now, Salvador Dali: Visions of Eternity is showing thru January 21. Don’t miss out on one of the world’s most famous artists exhibit here in town that features illustrations of Dante’s the Divine Comedy.

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