The kids are out of school, it’s too hot for anything other than shorts, and I’m busting a sweat to check the mail- it’s summertime in Texas. Which can only mean one thing, it’s officially Sno(w) Cone Season!!! Or “shaved Ice” if you prefer. Regardless of what you call it, nothing sparks more joy this time of year than a pop-up serving cups full of colorful flavored snowflakes.

With thousands of flavor possibilities, there’s never more pressure to decide than staring at the dozens of flavors listed near the order window. Sweet classics like cherry and blue raspberry, clever and personal concoctions or pickle juice. How do you choose? What do you choose? And you can never pick just one. We won’t even discuss toppings and add-ons, partially because I'm a traditionalist- I just want the ice. Don’t @ me, just live your best life with your peach-ring-covered pineapple, mango and blue raspberry cup of goodness… okay, I may try that one.  

But the decisions don’t stop there, the biggest and most important question is where to enjoy your treat?

As in most cases, Arlington has some of the best snow cone spots in the Metroplex!


Sno 13

Sno 13 is a snow cone paradise hiding in plain sight, located off of Bowen and Park Row. Their trailer is surrounded by a white picket fence and red umbrellas, making it the perfect place to grab some shaved ice and chill *rimshot*. One of the things I love about this place is they offer Dye Free flavors. Meaning, my 2-year-old, can enjoy a snow cone and won’t be blue until bath time.

Cups start at $2; accepts cash and cards (including Tap-to-Pay)


Jordan’s Tropical Sno

I first tried Jordan’s Tropical Sno at the Arlington-Mansfield Area YMCA Kids’ Event in April and IMMEDIATELY fell in love. Jordan’s is a mobile unit and while they do events, their home-base is in the parking lot of the Cooper Street Antique Mall. Jordan’s offers unique and fun flavor combinations, like: Purple Cow, Ocean Pacific, and Rock and Roll, and their servings are huge!!! They’re small is a medium or large at most places.

There isn’t outside seating available, so you can’t hang around to enjoy your sno, but I love popping by here when doing a lunch adventure with my monsters (just us grabbing items from different spots, like pizza or a hot dog from Costco, fries from Chick fil A, etc… oh, the things you do to keep your kids from complaining while you run errands for hours).

Cups start at $4; they accept cash and cards (including Tap-to-Pay)


Snowflake Factory

Located off of Arkansas and Fielder, Snowflake Factory has been serving Arlington and my hubs (this has been his favorite snow cone spot since high school) for YEARS, and I’ve tasted why. Their ice transforms into a velvety experience the moment the syrup touches it. I always kick myself for ordering a small when I should order a medium, because once it’s gone I’m left with a spoon, an empty cup, and a craving for more.

Snowflake Factory is a cozy little blue and white tiny house and is drive-thru only, but they do make it easy to drive with your ice-y concoction by pressing the ice down in the cup. I appreciate and love this more than one can imagine, as I chauffeur my kids around while trying to enjoy my own snow cone.

Cups start at $2; cash only


Daesy’s Tropical Sno

Located off of Pleasant Ridge and Little Road, Daesy’s starts serving summer vibes before you even place your order. When you walk in the door, you’re greeted by the friendly staff from their indoor tiki bar. Daesy’s offers hundreds of flavor combinations and answers the question, what would it be like to have a snow cone made from fresh-from-the-sky snow? And the servings are sure to please anyone on a budget. The mini is a medium at some places, plus it’s $2!

Cups start at $2; accepts cash and cards (including Tap-to-Pay)


There are so many amazing spots to grab shaved ice in Arlington, but I can’t try them all. Feel free to share your favorite spots on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (don’t forget to tag them and @visit_arlington).