When thinking about Valentine’s Day, often the first thing that comes to mind is love, romance, and appreciating your significant other with flowers, chocolates, and a nice dinner. Or something like that.

The essence of the day is to show love and appreciation. And while that is beautiful and wonderful, in these days and times it’s nice to come across a random act of kindness. So, what if we showed simple appreciation to significant others, our friends, family, co-workers, pets and even strangers through the simple concept of kindness? 

Be Kind

One of my favorite quotes is from Robert Brault, ‘Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.’ The thing is that showing kindness and appreciation can be done with the simplest of gestures. Kindness isn’t hard, but it is intentional. And those little acts of intentional kindness can mean the world and more to someone.

Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday this year, and just three days later is Random Acts of Kindness Day, on February 17th. If you ask me, it’s the perfect week to be spreading appreciation and kindness like confetti!

Need some ideas? Obviously, we got you. ;)

Won’t Cost You a Dime
  • Ask someone how they are doing.
  • Open the door for someone.
  • Let someone cut in front of you at the grocery store.
  • Use our printable notes (click below) to write a note of encouragement/affirmation to:
    • A stranger and leave it for someone to find (tucked in a magazine or book at a store, on a public bulletin board at a coffee shop, etc.)
    • Your waiter/waitress or barista to brighten their day.
    • A friend, family member, or co-worker to let them know you appreciate them.
  • Shout out your friends on social media.
    • Click below to use our story templates to shout out your friends on Instagram and let them know you think they’re awesome.
If You’ve Got a Few Bucks to Spare
  • Venmo a friend $5 for a coffee on you.
  • Treat a friend to lunch.
  • Pick up a small gift or trinket that reminds you of a friend and gift it to them just because.


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