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Last week, we at the Arlington CVB got the special chance to check out our new neighbors at Texas Live!’s new dining options, and staff got to choose either lunch or dinner at Live! Arena, Lockhart Smokehouse, Sports & Social and Troy Aikman’s restaurant debut – Troy’s.

The welcoming servers, hosts and Texas Live! team are all friendly and eager to help guests – a definite plus when you go somewhere new and exciting like Texas Live!

Check out what staff had to say about each restaurant here:

Live! Arena

“I ate at Live Arena and the food was definitely yummy! For an appetizer I had their pesto flat bread…delish! While my main course consisted of the yummiest tuna poke taco, I wrapped up my meal with the brownie alamode, which was also phenomenal. Our waitress was super attentive and I’m looking forward to having lunch there again soon.” – Fidel Mitchell, Services Manager

“As a sports fan, I couldn’t be more excited about Live Arena. The massive wall of TVs is unlike anything else in the area, and absolutely perfect for someone trying to keep an eye on all of the games at the same time. I know where I’ll be on Saturdays and Sundays during football season!” – Adam Wisniewski, Sports Account Director

“Had a wonderful lunch at Live! This is the place to watch sports! The screens are massive! The flatbread with pesto, cheese and fresh tomatoes was delicious! Loved the grain and arugula salad with fresh avocado and beets and the bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions was juicy and full of flavor! We topped it all off with a sinfully delicious brownie topped with ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate! The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly!” – Cynthia Dewey, Executive Assistant

“The queso was super creamy and the sauce on the bacon burger was delicious! Plus, the large TVs will be great for watching sports!” – Kayla Gostnell, Sports Services Manager

Sports & Social

“They call Sports and Social the "ultimate fan clubhouse," and it lived up to the hype. The battered fish tacos were delightful! They were served in flour tortillas with a delicious slaw on top. Even better were the French Fries that came with them…warm and crispy. Don’t forget the games upstairs: skeeball, shuffleboard, ping pong, air hockey, virtual golf simulators, and more. Good times!” - Lisa Farrimond, Project Manager

“I had dinner at Sports & Social the other day. The hummus was amazing and the grilled flat bread that comes with was perfection! Can’t recommend highly enough!!” – Jon Hixon, Vice President of Sales

Lockhart Smokehouse

“Lockhart’s had a laid-back atmosphere and two big bars. The brisket was tender and melted in my mouth. The jalapeno macaroni had a real kick in my mouth, but left me wanting more. I will highly recommend it to my friends and family!” – Erinn Bryant, HR & Facility Specialist

“All I have to say is – jalapeno mac & cheese. It’s so good, I could funnel it into my mouth. The staff was very gracious and accommodating, and I live solely for Lockhart’s pickle bar. Plus, there was no meat left on the ribs, leaving me to ask… what ribs?” – Nikki Stephens, PR & Digital Media Coordinator


“Troy’s has an amazing atmosphere – you’ll want to hang out here! The jalapeno aioli on the lamb burger was the perfect amount of flavoring! I will definitely come back to try the Frito pie burger!” – Lauren Wright, Executive Meetings Specialist

“We were very excited to try Troy’s Place. The staff was very friendly and did a great job pointing out all the personal touches that Troy has incorporated into the restaurant from the beautiful oak tree to the family recipe Spinach Dip.  I had the Cuban Quesadillas and the Tuna Burger. Both were fantastic!  The Cuban Quesadillas could easily be a meal and had great flavors.  The Tuna Burger was such a surprise.  A huge, perfectly cooked tuna steak with wasabi mayo and pickled ginger.  The combination had a perfect balance of spice and tanginess. And don’t forget dessert…skillet cookie with ice cream!  Yummy!” – April Luter, Director of Partnerships & Programs

If your mouth is watering, make plans to visit Texas Live! ASAP so you can get your grub on as Live is now open to the public.

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