If you’re reading this, you’re probably not a Swiftie, but maybe you know some tid-bits because you know a Swiftie or two. OR, you are a Swiftie and you’re going to the concert of the century (aka The Eras Tour) with someone you need to get up to speed on the Swiftie 411.

This is not to say you won’t have the time of your life at The Eras Tour. Come on… 3+ straight hours and 44 songs from Taylor’s 10 Era repertoire.  Even Kanye is impressed by that.
Swifties AND non-Swifters headed to AT&T Stadium for The Eras Tour:
make sure you KNOW BEFORE YOU GO for all things parking, bag policy and more!
Anyone in attendance is going to have the time of their life. This guide is just a mere supplement to add to the understanding and appreciation of the artistry that will be displayed on stage at The Eras Tour.
Taylor is nothing but meticulous and purposeful, so why would her ERAS TOUR be treated any differently. She is the EASTER EGG QUEEN.
If you’re not shying away from the setlist and wanna get excited and practice singing all the songs, I gotta playlist for you.
SWIFTIES: if you’re completely and totally avoiding concert spoilers, this is your warning to stop scrolling.
(If you’re going to the concert with a non-Swiftie, just send the link right now and trust that I got you.)
All tid-bits of info are setlist based and organized by chronological order of eras, without giving any super major spoilers. BUT… proceed at your own risk.
If you DON’T CLASSIFY YOURSELF AS A SWIFTIE, keep scrolling and welcome to Swiftie School.

Last chance if you’re totally and completely avoiding spoilers…

Alright, let’s get down to business.
To reiterate, Taylor is belting out 44 songs in 3+ hours, (make sure you hit up the bathroom line) with 2 of those songs being ’surprise songs’ from any of the eras, and on Night 1 of the tour, she declared there would not be a repeated surprise song throughout the entire tour.
Unfortunately, I cannot accurately predict the future. So, if you don’t know the surprise songs, lean over to the person next to you and ask them all your questions.
Fearless - TS
Here’s what you need to know about this era: this is a good ‘ol teenage love story era. For the setlist songs from this era, just think that teenage Taylor was writing about her high school crushes and loves.
The classic symbols of the Fearless Era are her heart hands and twirls playing the guitar to Fearless.


Bonus: the You Belong With Me music video is pure high school crush vibes and the music video that got my lil high school heart.

Speak Now - TS
Ok, so set list spoiler: there’s only one song from the Speak Now Era on the set list. You literally only have to learn one song from this era. (And maybe console the Speak Now stans.)
Cue Swifties manifesting Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) to be released and one of the surprise songs to be Long Live, Dear John, Haunted or Mean.

Hey Siri. Play Enchanted by Taylor Swift.
Reed - TS
First and foremost, you absolutely MUST watch the 22 music video.
Sure, turning 21 is fun (for most people). But, if your 21st birthday sucked because your boyfriend didn’t show up when he said he would and you spent all night waiting for him to walk in, turning 22 is a whole new ballgame.

After that, it’s really about knowing the classic bops (We Are Never Getting Back Together & I Knew You Were Trouble).
Oh, and the 10 MINUTE VERSION of All Too Well. Please don’t embarrass yourself by singing ‘and I know it’s long gone’ after the second verse instead of ‘you were tossing me the car keys’. There’s only one version of All Too Well now, and it’s the 10 Minute Version.
1989 - TS
There are A LOT of 1989 stans out there that would debate you why this is the greatest era ever.
First, Blank Space is ICONIC. What started out as a joke, because the media labeled Taylor as a serial dater and exaggerated to the extreme, Taylor turned into a brilliant song and music video, exaggerating the media’s claims even more.
And if you’ve never seen the live performance from the 1989 tour… OHMYGOSH. Do it now.
(If you’re pressed for time, go to minute 3:20. The golf club, harmonizing with herself… just yes.)

If there’s one song you probably already know, it’s Shake It Off. It’s one of those songs you dance to like no one’s watching, ya know? Have that same energy, but in the middle of AT&T Stadium with Taylor singing it live. I guarantee you won’t be the only one.
Bonus: If you haven’t seen the Bad Blood music video, total girl gang vibes, plus it’s the version that features Kendrick Lamar.
reputation - TS
The comeback of the millennium: look what you made me do’ music video… because it’s pure genius and you literally have to…HAVE TO watch it.
(This is one of my, if not my absolute FAVORITE, Taylor Swift music video ever created. This video literally made me a Swiftie.)

The symbol of this era is a literal snake. Again, Taylor embraced and owned what the media called her and made a comeback after her ‘reputation’ had ‘never been worse’.
During the rep tour in 2017, this thing (started by a fan after an extended pause) became a mandate with every live performance. Now, Taylor expects it and will literally count with the crowd. Watch and practice so you don’t feel left out.
Lover - TS
This album came out right before covid, and we were ready to go full blast into the Lover Era (this is also the first album Taylor completely owned. All previous albums, she’s rerecording).
From this era on, there are many songs that have NEVER been played live until The Eras Tour. Us Swifties take this very seriously.
If there were any song (more specifically any bridge to a song) that you should memorize, it’s the bridge of Cruel Summer. Just trust me. It’s a scream at the top of your lungs kinda bridge.
Obviously, a MUST is that you see the Lover music video. Here’s the biggest easter egg to take away from this music video is that each room of the Lover House represents an era. HER BRILLIANT MIND.
TS - Lover House
folklore- TS
This was a surprise album in the middle of covid of 2020. Swifties had literally nothing better to do than stay up for the release of this album. But also, THE STORY TELLING IN THIS ALBUM.

The songs cardigan, august and betty are about a teenage love triangle (Betty, James and the ‘third woman’).
  • cardigan is from Betty’s perspective.
  • august is from the ‘third woman’s’ perspective.
  • betty is from James’ perspective.
(There’s actually a whole fan theory that every song on the album is from one of the three of their perspectives.)
The song the last great American dynasty is based on the true story of Rebekah Harkness, who married William ‘Bill’ Harkness (heir to Standard Oil). They owned ‘Holiday House’ on the beach of Watch Hill, Rhode Island. The house hosted many a parties. Taylor Swift now owns ‘Holiday House’ and was also known for hosting lots of parties at it (it was the subject of many a news articles).
At the 2021 Grammy’s, she’d already released both folklore and evermore. Folklore WON album of the year (and Taylor became the first female and fourth overall artist to win Album of the Year three times).
Before accepting that award, she performed a medley of 2 folklore songs + 1 evermore song. I’m not saying you HAVE to watch it, but I’m highly suggesting it.
evermore - TS
Another surprise album in 2020 that came out just mere months after folklore.
(An ongoing joke in the Swiftie-verse is that this is Taylor’s forgotten era because she ‘never references it’.)
The willow music video… just watch it.
BUT FIRST, you have to watch the cardigan music video from folklore.
These were the only two music videos made from these albums (because they were both 2020 covid albums) and the videos are a part one and two, connecting the albums. You literally won’t understand the start to the willow music video without having seen cardigan first.

The second most important bridge you should learn for this concert is champagne problems. Taylor has literally been dreaming of the crowd scream singing this with her live since she wrote this song. Don’t disappoint her.
The song marjorie is about Taylor Swift’s late grandmother (and also has some solid life advice). I dare you not to cry or have a speck of emotion listening to this song. Taylor’s grandmother, Marjorie Finlay, was a pronounced opera singer and major influence in Taylor’s musical career. She is credited with the backing vocals of the song on the album – what died never stayed dead.
Midnights - TS
We’ve arrived at the latest era. We’re almost done.
In case you didn’t know, Taylor announced that TS 10 would be coming out on October 21, 2022, while accepting the award for Video of the Year for the All Too Well (10 Minute Version) music video at the 2022 VMAs (also making her the record holder for VMA Video of the Year awards).
Immediately after the release of Midnights, Bejeweled became an instant Tik Tok /Reels dance.
(And has an AMAZING easter egg packed music video.)

Let’s talk about the song Vigilante S***.
Although nothing has been confirmed, but there’s wide speculation that this song is about Scooter Braun (whose company purchased the masters to Taylor’s first 6 albums without her knowledge – which is why Taylor is rerecording her first 6 albums, so she will actually own her own songs). This song is straight up about revenge (and maybe how Taylor had something to do with Scooter’s divorce?). Straight savage.
Of the three music videos that we have for Midnights, the Lavender Haze music video is the one you need to watch. It’s track one on the album and sets the tone of this era, starting with the now infamous line: meet me at midnight.

Are you ready for it? Cause I don’t know how it gets better than this and you might be happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same (or in the best way) after reading this. In your wildest dreams, I don’t think you’re ready for the lavender haze you’re about to be in.
And if you caught on to all those references, A+ in Swiftie School. My job here is done.  
It’s been a long time coming, so pick out your concert outfit (pick a fav era) and have the time of your life!