Animation of a family taking in the sights of Arlington, TX
hillary green
Hillary Green

#LocalVibes: Hillary specializes in all things digital for UT Arlington. She enjoys tacos, her two dogs and binge-watching whatever is on HBO. 

Need to Work Offsite? Where to Work Remotely in Arlington

The modern workforce is changing, with more workers than ever a part of the gig economy, starting their own small business, or working remotely. The standard nine-to-five day at the office is evolving as workers have increased options on where they want to work - basically, anywhere WiFi is available. While Arlington is known for its robust…

Local Vibes: A Taste of Culture

I grew up on Southern food. My granny making biscuits and bacon gravy is one of my cherished childhood memories. Since moving to Arlington from my small East Texas hometown in 2008, I’ve gotten the opportunity to expand my palate as well as my knowledge of cultures different than mine. Because Arlington—located in the heart of the Metroplex and…

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