Animation of a family taking in the sights of Arlington, TX
Scott Poland
Scott Poland

Scott is a native Texan that fancies himself to be a foodie and an 80s music aficionado. When not listening to Depeche Mode or contemplating who would win in a fight, Karate Kid or Crocodile Dundee, Scott spends his time exploring fun new trucks and cocktails with friends and family. Scott is passionate about traveling the world and tries to visit a new destination at least once a year. Scott is the Tourism Sales Manager for the Arlington CVB and is eager to help you plan your next family reunion in Arlington.

ABC's of Family Reunion Planning

If the thought of planning your upcoming family reunion, military reunion or class reunion is keeping you up at night, it’s time to put your infomercial-watching days behind you. My four-step planning checklist ensures a successful event! Why four steps and not five, you ask? Because you’ve already crossed the first item off your list: You picked…

5 Bright Ideas for Reunion Planners in Arlington

No doubt about it—when it comes to venues, amenities, and things to do, Arlington has plenty to offer any reunion or social event planner who’s looking to put together a memorable and successful activity —so much, in fact, that it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re trying to decide where to begin. That’s why Arlington CVB has compiled this list…

More Things You Can Do