Now home to not one, not two, but THREE sports teams, it’s probably a guarantee you’ll be headed to Choctaw Stadium for football, rugby or soccer at some point. And, you definitely don't want to get there and have to facepalm yourself. So, here are some tips before you get there:
1. It’s pay to park.
Hit up Lots E and L (off of Road to Six Flags). Parking can be purchased onsite with only debit and credit cards. Parking rates vary depending on the event. Handicap/disability parking is available in Lot E.
2. There will be a bag check.
When it comes to the all-important bag policy, Choctaw Stadium keeps it pretty simple. Bags or purses must be soft-sided and be 16” x 16” x 8” or smaller and leave the backpack at home.
See? Simple. (And no, they do not have to be clear.)
3. Your [cash] money is no good here.
Leave the cash at home because Choctaw Stadium is a cash-less venue, including parking. Major credit cards are accepted for concessions and parking. 
4. Quench your thirst.
You may bring in a sealed non-flavored water bottle, just make sure it’s a plastic bottle and under one liter!
(P.S. leave the snacks at home - concessions are available inside the stadium!)
5. Bring sunscreen and a coat.
No roof. It's getting' hot in here, or Elsa will make an appearance, depending on the weather. Also, don’t forget to check the weather. We are in Texas after all, and Mother Nature can flip her switch faster than you can say “Arlington Renegades”.