I’m drawn to ancient Egyptian lore and symbols, so traveling to Giza for the pyramids is the absolute top of my bucket list. Sadly, that hasn’t happened yet, but as luck would have it, two pyramids recently sprang up in Arlington! That’s right, in addition to a skyline with sports arenas and roller coasters, Arlington now has an 81 foot tall pyramid until March 1! What?! After experiencing PY1 Arlington's Through the Echoes for myself, I wanted to share the wow about this stunningly kinetic and unique show.  

PY1 TTE double photo

About PY1 ARLINGTON   December 31-March 1, 2020  

After launching in Montreal, Canada this summer, the highly technological touring venue made its US debut in Arlington for New Years Eve. Based on the hypnotic visuals, lasers, songs and themes (when I attended Through the Echoes the next day), that must have been an unforgettable way to kick off 2020. I have fielded a lot of questions about it since attending, and I wanted to address them one by one:

  • QUESTION: Is there a storyline for Through the Echoes?

The mind behind the PY1 Arlington production is Cirque du Soleil creator Guy Laliberté, so this is the distant cousin to “O,” “Ka,” “Love” and the other shows on the Las Vegas strip. Full disclosure, I have seen them all. A lot. Not kidding. They’re so delicious, I literally want to eat them with a spoon! A Cirque Du Soleil performance is rarely about the “story.” PY1 Arlington is no exception in that it paints a multi-sensory picture and inspires fantastical feelings with dream-like visuals and haunting melodies. In Oscar terms, it’s more like a contender for Best Cinematography than Best Screenplay. But please do plan on drinking in the poignant words along with the intoxicating songs and visuals. Upon entering the pyramid, you learn the overarching themes of the show, which involve the famous quote about humans being made of stardust. This idea carries forward into the show as the narrator explores our connections to other humans and life forms in the multiverse.

PY1 Arlington lights and lasers

  • QUESTION: What should I expect from the visuals?

Speaking of the multiverse, do you recall the scene in the Marvel movie Doctor Strange where Stephen was slingshotted into the far reaches of the space and time via the Ancient One? We watched him explore the quantum realm and beyond, soaking in a trippy kaleidoscope of lights, form and spirit; we also floated peacefully with him amongst the stars. PY1 is perhaps what that would have been like for him. I’d say expect your own journey with The Ancient One.

  • QUESTION: What is the seating situation?

There were multiple seating options, including barstool type chairs and upward-pointing chairs. If possible, arrive early so you can snag a chair in front of the meteor thingy. It was a packed house when we arrived, so my friend and I just parked it on the floor. That turned out to be a great choice, because we used our coats as pillows when we laid back on the ground and were mesmerized by the full 360 degree scope of the 50-minute show.

PY1 Arlington seats TTE

  • QUESTION: What was the coolest part?

When the visuals get rolling (and you are laying back viewing them in a 360 degree way), you will feel like you are soaring, floating, falling and swimming. Very visceral. PY1 conjures all of the elements, and outer space and Earth. Because of this sensory immersion, I kept sort of forgetting where I was! I felt like I was floating off to another dimension.

  • QUESTION: Is there a discount code?

Tickets are range in price from $32 to $40 per person. BUT feel free to knock 20% off with the Arlington CVB’s Promotional CodeARLI20 

PY1 Arlington

  • QUESTION: Is this appropriate for children?

I’m not a parent, so I’m unqualified for a strong opinion here. Instead, I would say that you know your child best…ponder if you would take him/her to a Pink Floyd laser/light style show. Some ages might really enjoy all the mental stimulation. Others might be overwhelmed by it. If you have a young child and want to be safe, I would say check out Stella instead. This is the family show that will be playing matinees in the pyramid. Check out my review for Stella.

  • QUESTION: Anything else?

Arrive early so you can snag a premium seat in front. They will divert you to a tent/building/lounge where you can grab a cocktail and browse the gift shop until they retrieve you for your cosmic voyage. There is plenty of parking next to the pyramid. 

For additional questions and tickets to PY1, check out their website https://www.arlington.org/event/py1%3a-through-the-echoes/21883/