Arlington's Favorite Taco Contest

August 25th - September 30th 



For a limited time, 9 local Arlington restaurants have added a limited-time specialty taco to their menu and competing to be crowned Arlington’s Favorite Taco!

This is no small task to determine who will earn the crown, and that’s where you come in to #SaveTheTacos!  

YOU, with your out-of-the-box-unconventional-taco connoisseur tastebuds will decide who the title should be bestowed to.  

#SaveTheTacos EAT amazing tacos. 
#SaveTheTacos VOTE for your favorites.
#SaveTheTacos SAVE tacos. 

*What exactly is #SaveTheTacos?   Almost a billion hours of unused vacation time are wasted each year - that’s concerts unheard, memories unmade, and tacos never savored. The Arlington CVB is on a mission to #SaveTheTacos by reminding people to use their well-deserved PTO time and enjoy all the tacos that would otherwise go uneaten.

The winning taco/restaurant will be announced on October 3, 2023 and officially be bestowed the title on October 4, 2023 - National Taco Day! We'll even buy the first 50 customers the winning taco to celebrate.